Friday, July 27, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 86

Hang on, we're starting out in high gear for the first couple of tracks. The glide slides into a more ambient/laid-back space, but not before hitting one more rhythmic bump in road. We don't think you'll mind a little beat-based turbulence mid-cruise. The end is all about the float.

Episode 86
            Biomass, "Serpentetraspeed," Energy
8.21      Projective Module, "Anima," Other Things That Happened
13.01    Atomic Skunk, "Ghosts and Angels," Alchemy
19.28    Kyle Bobby Dunn, "New Pures," Ways of Meaning
23.16    Meg Bowles, "Glacial Dawn," Quiet Light
32.30    Swartz, "Sympathetic Strings," Nighttide
37.41    Picture Palace Music, "Drowning Someone Else's Sorrow Into the Ocean," Midsummer
53.12    MusSck, "Torn Off Feathers from an Angel," Digital Ninja
56.18    Creature, "Rise," Distant Horizon
1.01.00 Bob Ohrum/Mary Grace, "Every Time I Close My Eyes," Elevated
1.08.45 Silo 10, "Pulse," Silo 10
1.12.37 John Sobocan, "Purple Stretch," Features of Spheres
1.19.33 Bruno Sanfilippo, "Mantram," Subliminal Pulse

Underlay: Art Bleek, "Sleeping Society," Sleeping Society

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 85

As I noted in the last episode, this time around we hit a small landmark--the 1000th track to be played on the Hypnagogue Podcast! Any guesses which of the tracks below is the one? (Shouldn't be too hard to figure out...) This episode turned out to be an unofficial "lazy" podcast, with a handful of long drifts. Enjoy the flow, and thanks for listening!

Episode 85

            Numina, "Arrival to Nowhere," Shift to the Ghost
11.43    Seren Fford, excerpt from Stellar Nurseries
26.40    Labrathisattva, "A World Beneath the World," The View from Down Here
41.17    Ran Kirlian, "Selenium," Dissolution
53.20    Steve Roach, "The Other Side," Dreamtime Return
1.06.11 The Ambient Visitor, "Cyllarus," Seven
1.14.17 Steve Brand, "Act of Creation," Avatara

Underlay: dreamSTATE, "Sandstone," A Decade Dreaming