Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 88

Things start off fairly upbeat and light this time, thanks to a delightful new Robert Carty release, but then it starts to get a little strange. You see, I put it together in a single session late one evening in my unlighted studio, and I think the tone of the episode reflects that. So when you're ready to go deep into some serious listening, just click...

Robert Carty, "Root and Stone," Ecoroots*
8.26     Entheogen, "Infectious Agent," Singularity
13.12   Roedelius, "Auf der Hohe," Offenturen
17.08   Lower Third, "Goodnight Sweet Feedback," Hiromi Restraint
20.04   Mark Snyder, "Alluvium," Messy
26.12   Markus Mehr, "Only for a While," On
34.55   Jason Sloan, "Fall of the Fifth Sun," Fall of the Fifth Sun
44.49   Siddhartha Barnhoorn, "Nebulae," Pillars of Light
51.15   Viridian Sun, "Four Times I Slept for a Year," Infinite In All Directions
1.00.43 Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds, "Entwined," Exit Strategy
1.07.55 Wishcollapse, "Oltre Caronte," Volume 2
1.20.37 Zero Ohms, "Peace of the Pi," Worlds, Afterworlds

Underlay: Apne Sinn, "Tabula Rasa," Espiritista

*I mistakenly refer to this release as "Eco-Tones" in the podcast.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 87

It's time to go. We open with a half-hour of mostly quiet and quite interesting things, shift after a short break into some higher gears (yah, we get us all dubby for a bit) and come down on the far side of this 90 minutes back being all pensive and hushed.


Episode 87

            Loren Nerell, "Persistence of Dream Memory," Slow Dream
8.46      Elisa Luu, "The Sound In A House," Brave New World (compilation)
16.56    Chris Russell, "Phlox," Bloom
27.17    Mikronesia, "No Rage," Iris or Comfortable Too
37.25    The Cosmic Garden, "Where Have All the Flowergirls Gone," Sun Secrets
44.58    Cyberchump, "Interstellar Dub Station Freakout," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
49.54    Kodomo, "S Equals Zero," Frozen in Motion
54.22    Juta Takahashi, "Fair Winds," Angel
1.10.18 Dan Pound, "Release," Cocoon
1.20.53 I've Lost, "Going Under," sleepMODE (compilation)

Underlay: Mark Zamperella, "Funnel Cloud," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar