Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 88

Things start off fairly upbeat and light this time, thanks to a delightful new Robert Carty release, but then it starts to get a little strange. You see, I put it together in a single session late one evening in my unlighted studio, and I think the tone of the episode reflects that. So when you're ready to go deep into some serious listening, just click...

Robert Carty, "Root and Stone," Ecoroots*
8.26     Entheogen, "Infectious Agent," Singularity
13.12   Roedelius, "Auf der Hohe," Offenturen
17.08   Lower Third, "Goodnight Sweet Feedback," Hiromi Restraint
20.04   Mark Snyder, "Alluvium," Messy
26.12   Markus Mehr, "Only for a While," On
34.55   Jason Sloan, "Fall of the Fifth Sun," Fall of the Fifth Sun
44.49   Siddhartha Barnhoorn, "Nebulae," Pillars of Light
51.15   Viridian Sun, "Four Times I Slept for a Year," Infinite In All Directions
1.00.43 Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds, "Entwined," Exit Strategy
1.07.55 Wishcollapse, "Oltre Caronte," Volume 2
1.20.37 Zero Ohms, "Peace of the Pi," Worlds, Afterworlds

Underlay: Apne Sinn, "Tabula Rasa," Espiritista

*I mistakenly refer to this release as "Eco-Tones" in the podcast.

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