Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 89

When I put the review site on hiatus for submissions back in May, I did not expect that when I reopened the doors on August 1, that I'd quickly rebuild the kind of backlog of discs that had made me go on hiatus in the first place. But August brought something like 26 new discs to my door. The upshot is that in this episode you'll hear tracks from a dozen of them. Enjoy.


Episode 89

Maculatum, "Part II," The Nameless City
9.00      Har & Altus, "Burning While They Watched," Shadow District
17.06    There Is No Teenage Love, "Golden Means," There Is No Teenage Love
23.02    Paragate, "Eye-Beam" The World Above Us
28.37    Joe Frawley, "Beneath the Trees," A Hundred Years
32.29    Joe Evans, "Resonant TNOs," Ecliptic Plane
42.34    Erik Wollo, "Airborne 1," Airborne
47.53    Dan Pound, "Night Whisper," Return to Other Worlds
54.02    Steve Roach, "Day Three" (excerpt), Stormwarning
1.04.38 Phillip Wilkerson, "Hear My Untold Story," Complex Silence 23
1.15.25 Caul, "We Are Like Heartless Shadows," Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night
1.20.50 Disturbed Earth & Shane Morris, Suburban Catacombs (excerpt)

Underlay: Michael Meara, "Origination," Conception (compilation)

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