Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 90

Time once again to look back at the tracks I've used as underlays to my voice-overs and give them a chance to be heard. Now, having not done this since episode 34, I had a lot of tracks to choose from! Some had already been given a full play on subsequent episodes, so these fifteen tracks (more than usual!) are ones that are getting their first shot. Many familiar artists for you this time out. This is also a quite quiet flow, since I try to pick fairly unobtrusive tracks for underlays. (I know how much you love my voice....)



Episode 90

Ann Licater, "Earth to Sky," Doorway to a Dream
5.06 Patrick Smith, "Girl on a Pink Blanket," Scattered Hearts
8.30 Mark Zampella, "Funnel Cloud," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
13.50 A Produce & Loren Nerell, "Area 51.1," Intangible
20.43 The Current, "Crossfields," Communion
25.48 Aphorism, "End of the Start," Second Statement (compilation)
30.37 Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, "Track 4," Cromo
41.04 Chad Hoefler, "Radiant Blue," Quiet Glow
50.01 Giles Reaves, "Aurora," Sea of Glass (out of print)
56.18 Ken Elkinson, "The Thin Veil," Music for Commuting
59.46 Mara's Torment, "Under Starlit Skies," Across for Show
1.04.39 Tomorrow's Man, "Doomsday Divine," Conception (compilation)
1.13.09 Silvercord, "Bioluminesence, Pt 6," Bioluminesence
1.21.22 Brain Ballet, "The Ancient Sea," Aquarium of the Deep Sea
1.24.52 earWorm, "Dusting the Juggler," earWorm

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