Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Moving!

Friends & Followers: I've decided to port the podcast over to a Wordpress site. This lets me maintain the look of both "" identities, and also allows you to play new podcasts right from the page--you won't get bumped over to a Quicktime player. 

Please change your bookmark, if you have one, to Episode 91 is posted there at the moment, and episode 92 arrives on 10/19!

I will be working through the issue of the RSS feed for subscribers, as I do not want to lose links to the previous podcasts. Please bear with me!

peace & power,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 91

September brought a lot of new music to my door, so I've laced some of that with a couple tracks from the archives for a nice flow. Plus, I give a full 25 minutes over to a single track--something I've never done before. 


             Numina, "In Cerulean Haze," The Deception of Reality
9.27      Sphare Sechs, "Phave IV," Tiefschlaf
18.05    Dave Luxton, "Long Delay Echo," Music from the Firmament
23.55    Igneous Flame, "Holophony," Ion
33.40    Joe McMahon, "Empty Sidewalks," 3 AM
40.06    Paulina Cassidy, "Dance of the Scarecrow," Lost in Oz
44.19    Brokenkites, "Wood Between the Worlds," Illumina
49.17    Synthesist, "6th Chakra Suite," Light
54.45    Northcore, "Nocturne," Desatero
1.00.12 Terra Ambient, "Sandstorm Dreaming," The Gate
1.09.00 Bruno Sanfilippo, "Chaotic Order," Urbs

Underlay: Kyle Bobby Dunn, "The Second Ponderosa,"
A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn.